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How to get your hands on Blood on the Typewriter

Blood on the Typewriter is the gonzo biography of iconic wine writer, arts lover and eccentric Philip White - or, 'Whitey' - which tells the story of an unconventional life, lived large. Son of an Old Testament manic street preacher, he filled the family pot with rabbits when money was scarce, left home and dove headlong into bohemia when he was 17, and was in Paul Kelly's first band, The Debutantes, among other adventures.

Those who were sucked into his orbit include Kelly, Leonard Cohen, Don Dunstan, David Gulpilil, Max Schubert and Peter Lehmann. But while he flirted with poetry, music and painting, earning varying degrees of success and acclaim, it was writing where he truly excelled. One of his peers, the Australian's Nick Ryan, told Brechin that all Australian wine scribes agree on one thing: 'Whitey is better than any of us.'

In this spiky, gossipy, loving and richly insightful 280-page book, crackling with wit and bravado, Adelaide-based writer Robbie Brechin chronicles an extraordinary Australian life - and a singular talent. Published by Wakefield Press, Blood on the Typewriter is available for $34.95 not only from online booksellers including, Booktopia and eBay, but from many bookstores around Adelaide where it is reportedly "walking off the shelves"

Robbie Brechin is a failed banker-turned-journalist, and has worked in mainstream media for four decades. He has written on rock music (pseudonym Thor Fingers) and nightlife for the Advertiser, politics for the News, and was a producer at Channel 7 and ABC Radio.


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