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Online auction to raise funds to help with Whitey's medical expenses

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Over the years photographing the wine industry, Milton Wordley has met some fascinating people. All with one thing in common. A passion for wine. Here are some of their stories.

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"If you ask most winemakers who is the best wine writer in Australia, the answer is Philip White ” Philip was diagnosed with cancer late last year. He’s had major surgery, is currently having more radiotherapy and about to start chemo.

He’s even drinking more water.

Philip’s drinking plenty of water : Photo © Milton Wordley.

This week Langtons are running a fund raising on-line auction to help with Philip’s medical and living expenses. Philip has never been that interested in money. Langtons are taking no commission and right now everything that is raised will help. Click here to visit the Langtons web page for the Philip White fundraising auction.

There are some very special wines on offer. Peter Gago and I have got together and donated the ‘Number Eight’ of the book that Philip and I did together ‘A year in the life of Grange’. Peter has raided his own cellar for a bottle of the Wine Advocate editor Lisa Perrotti-Brown’s 100 pointer, the 2008 Grange to go with the Number Eight ‘Collectors Edition’ of the Grange book, together RRP price is around $5,000.

I have known Philip or Whitey or Mr White, as I often call him, for many years. He’s an interesting bloke to say the least, got the best general knowledge and intellect of anyone I know.

I once asked him why he didn’t drive, he answered.

Philip loves to drive.

“I love to drive, and I love to drive fast. I also love to drink, and when I drink too much I like to drive even faster. I decided in the interests of public safety to take my license away from myself ”

Philip lives in the beautiful Yangarra ‘Ironheart’ Shiraz vineyard, miles from the nearest public transport. Not having a driver’s licence and right now having to get to Flinders Hospital often creates a bit of a problem. A few of us who live down south get him there, he refers to us as the ‘Beloved Transport Corps’.

A mate of mine, journalist Robbie Brechin has started what is planned to be a series on Adelaide characters. He started work on the first book, ‘The Whitey Chronicles’ (the working title for Blood on the Typewriter), long before Philip was diagnosed. It will be published later this year by Wakefield Press. Robbie has kindly allowed me to use an excerpt from the book.

It’s a great read. Click here to enjoy this little taste of Philip's story.

Philip White Fundraising List FINAL

Click here to visit the Langtons web page for the Philip White fundraising auction.

Special thanks to Yangarra’s Peter Fraser and Tamara Grischy at Langtons for organising the Auction

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